Dieting the RIGHT Way: What You Should Know

Posted by Lubbock Heart and Surgical Hospital on Apr 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Dieting the RIGHT Way: What You Should Know

It’s been said that summer bodies are made in the winter. Now it’s April, and summer’s right around the corner. Thinking about dropping several pounds quickly to get into that beach gear?

Hold up! It’s better to diet the right way so you’re not stuck in this same situation year after year.

Here are some tips:

  • Set small and large goals. Sure, summer’s almost here. While your long-term goal may be to lose 25, 50 or more pounds, you need to have small goals to keep up your motivation. Pick weekly goals – such as losing 1 percent of your body weight, eating more fruits and vegetables, or getting more exercise. Then, pat yourself on the back as you achieve them!

Instead of obsessing over the scale, take time to notice other improvements a healthy diet and exercise plan can bring to an overall healthy lifestyle, including:

  • Clothes that fit better
  • Energy levels that are higher
  • Sleep that’s more sound
  • Stress that leaves your body

Weight-loss is an Achilles Heel for many. The key is to stay motivated year-round so it’s a lifestyle, not a “crunch” before getting into summer mode. It’s important to stay motivated.

Here’s how:

  • Get enough sleep. Research proves that lost sleep increases hunger and decreases motivation.
  • Turn off the TV. If you’re a snacker, chances are you do it while watching TV. Less TV means less mindless snacking!
  • Get a diet “buddy.” It’s not just emotional support – it’s help to keep you both accountable for each other.
  • Accept your cravings. Don’t completely cut out your favorite guilty pleasures. It’ll only lead to binging later. Allow yourself a calorie-controlled portion of your favorites. And don’t beat yourself up about it.
  • Get moving. Being physically active boosts your mood and gives you motivation to stay on track with all your obligations – including your diet.
  • Reward yourself. Not with food! How about a massage? Do something just for you. Just don’t let it be food-based. That will only defeat the purpose.

Dieting the right way will become a lifestyle. If you’re able to learn the right way, you’ll find it’s much better to see dieting as a way to live, as opposed to a hurdle to overcome. The above tips are just suggestions. Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any serious weight-loss programs without first seeking his or her best advice.

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