Cold Weather/Painful Joints: What You Need to Know

Posted by Lubbock Heart and Surgical Hospital on Dec 19, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Cold Weather/Painful Joints: What You Need To Know

Ever think you can “feel” the cold weather coming? It’s not all in your head. Changes in pressure, including the air pressing against the surface of the earth – called barometric pressure – can cause joint pain and even headaches in some people.

So, as cold weather hits, those with aching joints – including arthritis – will notice some discomfort. National studies prove cold weather affects nerve endings in joint tissue, and the changes in weather can create tightness or stiffness.

So what to do? As the season shifts, weekend warriors who don’t typically have joint pain should take extra precautions. The key is to warm joints up. Be sure to wear protective clothing if you’re going to be outside, and be sure to stretch easily and regularly both when inside and before going outside.

Even if you’re not a weekend warrior, stretching indoors, heating pads and heat creams all can help tight, stiff joints.

If pain is severe, be sure to visit your doctor. He or she will have additional advice for your specific issues.

As for weather-related pain, while the pain is real, know it’s only temporary. The good news is, our winters are fairly short in this part of the country – and you should be feeling better within a few months.

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